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From Simon Sinek‘s book Together is Better, A Little Book of Inspiration.



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Met Simon Sinek at one of the PMI conferences where he was the keynote speaker. I bought all three of his books and got it signed from him 🙂 Quite a nice guy. Finally, read his book titled Together is Better. This is a short book of inspirational quotes along with a pictorial parable of three friends and their experiences in learning key leadership lessons from playground. I like the unique format as there is no narrative for the story and it continues only through sketches. Despite that, it’s pretty simple and is supported by the accompanying leadership quotes from Simon. The book also comes with a special page with rub-on scent which has especially been designed as the scent of optimism. Now, as a proud book sniffer, I had to try this page. The scent is nice but not sure how it induces optimism in the sniffer. Anyway, it’s a good idea. The book was short and had some simple insights but, honestly, I expected more from it. I’ll try it with some kids and see how it works with them, especially without an accompanying story text.

My rating: Three stars for trying something different (i.e., format, scented page).


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