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My favorite rap duo is back! ❤ Bad Meets Evil reunion. We need a BME album please 🙂

Must admit that I caught Royce‘s flow immediately but just couldn’t keep up with Em‘s speed! Had to ‘study’ his verse at genius.com to understand it completely 😀 That’s what I LOVE about his music. You need to study it repeatedly and pay attention to his words to understand the real genius behind his work. Love the video as well, especially how they stand nonchalantly after delivering crazy bars 😀

P.S. Still trying to find a way to buy Royce’s latest album Book of Ryan. The available sites don’t allow purchase from Pakistan. What. a. bummer.


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This share has been overdue for ages! Straight FIRE! Em does it again ❤ Go ahead. Shut them haters up, Em. His flow changes, vocabulary, word play, punchlines, and, especially, the ability to create music inside music through his lyrics is at a level of its own. A special and gifted artist indeed.

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So, Fiddy shared one of his new songs and it’s straight fire, and I ❤ it! Beautiful song for sure. We need an Eminem & 50 Cent collab. It’s long overdue.

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Apr 20, 2008 – the day Eminem became clean from his addiction to prescription medication.

Em hasn’t looked back since then, and thank God for that! As he celebrates 10 years of sobriety today, my prayers, congratulations and best wishes are with him and his loved ones. He is sharper than ever as an MC (with his crazy lyricism, wordplay & word-bending, complex rhymes & flows, and superb vocal skills) and has grown so much as an artist and a human being. So happy to see him happy and enjoying his life with his loved ones. May he continue to remain sober and enjoy the best that life has to offer. He remains a true inspiration to the people going through difficult times in their lives.

What better way to celebrate this milestone than to listen to his music, especially the song Not Afraid off his 2010 album Recovery. Much respect and love for you, Em ❤ Stay strong; stay blessed!

If you or anyone you know are going through a tough time or trying to get rid of addiction, please reach out. You don’t have to battle the addiction alone, and can find a helping hand.

U.S.A. SAMHSA Helpline: https://www.samhsa.gov/find-help/national-helpline
U.K. NHS: https://www.nhs.uk/livewell/drugs/pages/drugtreatment.aspx
Pakistan: https://htv.com.pk/health/rehab-centers-in-pakistan

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This song from years ago popped up in my head this morning out of nowhere.. I started singing it without even thinking about it. And then, I connected it with Eminem‘s #Arose from his latest album #Revival (where it’s been sampled)! I knew that it was a sample of Bette Middler‘s song but I just did not focus on the sample even though I’ve listened to this song God knows how many times. For me, the sample remained something in the background. Don’t know why I started singing it today.. haven’t ‘listened’ to it for at least over a decade. One of those experiences that were truly like a ‘light bulb’ moment. One more reason to love Em & his music ❤

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Currently bumping to Tupac Shakur‘s music. While I love it, I also feel sad that we can relate to his words even in 2018. Why? Because it shows the injustices about which he spoke are still prevailing in the society. Here’s to a better, saner, and peaceful world for everyone, everywhere ❤

“I see no changes, all I see is racist faces
Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races
We under, I wonder what it takes to make this
One better place, let’s erase the wasted
Take the evil out the people, they’ll be actin’ right

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