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By now, I have realized that passing by a Liberty Books outlet without entering it or, even worse, without buying a book – any book – from there is a guilt-inducing experience for me. I purchased Walking with Plato by Gary Hayden without any planning; another incident of the book finding me. After finishing Shaping the World: Women Writers on Themselves (Ed. Manju Karpur)I decided to start something as a ‘light reading’. Gary’s book was the one I could pick up easily. Have read 53 pages so far and am already loving Gary’s introspective writing. As someone who loves to and, as a dweller of a megalopolis which has become a concrete jungle, longs for walks in the woods, I envy people who have this opportunity. At the same time, these people inspire me. Gary’s walk from one end of the Great Britain to the other with his simple yet insightful reflections make me feel as if I am his walking companion with a special, secret access to his thoughts. His British humor makes his reflections based in philosophy quite easy to understand and appreciate. Looking forward to continuing with him on his long yet interesting journey through the British Isles.

“.. to the tender-footed Pilgrim, a detour along soft meadows is no small temptation.”
– Gary Hayden


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I read about this book in another book and am so glad I added it to my reading list. What an interesting and engaging book it is! The author was a psychiatrist who was at the Auschwitz camp with other prisoners. Being in such a horrible place, he could’ve lost hope but he didn’t and, instead, used his skills to help other prisoners. His reflections from that time give you chills. This is a must-read for those who are interested in the bigger question about life.

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Had started reading this book some time ago but couldn’t finish it. Recently, I decided to start it from where I had left. Initially, I found it too simplistic but after a 100 more pages I’ve started liking it. I like that they’ve kept each topic within the 2-page limit, making it easier to read the book with breaks. Hope to finish it soon 🙂

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Kept bumping into this book by Mark Manson regularly, especially at the airport. Finally decided to buy it to see why it’s a bestseller. So far, I am finding it enjoyable. Hope to finish it soon 🙂

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Never went through phases 5-7!


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I was in Islamabad last week. We had the evening off so went to the market near my hotel. Found an old books shop with tons of books stuffed in a small shop (expert storekeeping, I must say). Found the book ‘How Brains Think: Evolving Intelligence, Then And Now‘ by William H. Calvin. Had to buy it! Reading the second chapter and trying to pick up the pace. Topic is discussion: What is intelligence. Interesting, right? 🙂

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I don’t remember where I first read about this book, maybe a suggestion at Amazon? Anyway, I got it through a friend and started reading it two days ago. What an engaging and eye-opening book! Just cannot stop reading until my iPad runs out of battery! Even though this book is from 1985 and neuroscience has come a long way since then, the content remains relevant even today. I love Oliver Sacks‘ approach to understanding neurological issues especially from the patient’s perspective. Looking forward to reading more case studies from this book.

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