So, when I went to Gloria Jean’s on Saturday to meet my friends, I didn’t remember that they now have a Liberty Books corner there. Obviously, I had to end up at that corner if I was in the cafe for 4 hours :) Despite repeatedly telling myself not to buy any book as I already have too many unread ones at home, I ended up visiting the book corner and, finally, buying One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern. I would say that the book found me as I had never heard of Cecilia or her work :) Started reading it last night and so far it’s been a good read. Have only finished the 2nd chapter but the plot has started to reveal itself. Hoping it will be a good read.


Finished reading Kamila Shamsie‘s novel Burnt Shadows. I’ve had one of her novels for years but, somehow, did not feel like reading it. This one came to me through a Facebook campaign for sharing books. This is the only book I received😀 Decided to give it a go and enjoyed reading it. The novel spans 6 decades and is spread over 5 countries, starting from Nagasaki (Japan) and ending in New York (USA). Interesting how the characters are interlinked. Also, limited characters means enough space for getting to know each character. I’d give this book 3 stars out of 5🙂

Quote: Happiness



Started reading “My Name Is Red” by Orhan Pamuk. Found the writing style so engaging that I stopped reading the other book I was reading and kept reading this one instead🙂 Hope to finish this one during the upcoming Eid holidays!


Finished reading this book by Nadeem Aslam just now. What an engaging and intense book! Confession: Not much of an English fiction fan, especially the books set against the background of wars. However, this book entranced me to the point that I couldn’t keep it down, finishing it in 3 days. This is the second book in one month to affect me at such an emotional level. Feels like I have gone through the tiresome and excruciating journey with the characters of the book. Exhausted I feel.

“For all the boots of the tramping warriors
and all the garments rolled in blood
shall be burned as fuel for the fire.” (Isaiah 9:5)


‘I read a book one day, and my whole life was changed.’ (The New Life, Orhan Pamuk)

In my case, I read a sentence (the one above) one day, and got hooked! This book is keeping me awake at nights. Just can’t put it down!

I read a book..